Welcome to “Inspired Christian Science nursing”.

You are warmly invited to inquire into a very special, unique expression of Christian Science nursing – your own individual way!


What you will find on this website:

  • Welcome letter
  • Three courses called “Inspired Christian Science nursing”
  • One course called “The Joy of inspired teaching/learning”
  • Video clips of “Inspired moving practises”
  • Articles on CS nursing by Gisela Kitchingman

All of these items are intended to serve like a helping hand on your way to acquiring more of CS nursing yourself. It is a “fatherly/motherly friend”, your Mentor. He might show you things by means of video clips, guide you, encourage, even push you along…. but never takes the lead. You will not find a “manual “for Christian Science nursing, not even a “how to do thing book”. The courses build a frame only. You have to fill the form with substance. You are the artist who paints the picture named “My Christian Science nursing practise”, with your choice of outline and colour.


The three courses with their subjects are divided accordingly as mutually agreed in international CS nursing circles as Level I, II and III. By using this structure it simplifies orientation and makes different CS nursing courses interchangeable. It makes sense to start with the underlying ethics of CS nursing, the basics of care, carrying on with specialized CS nursing subjects and do the management part at the end. CS nursing ethics is accompanying all subjects all along.


Is this material complete? Yes, those three courses cover all the subjects which most CS nursing courses worldwide include and which the Accreditation committee requires of CS nursing courses when accreditation is sought. At present there are three CS nursing organisations which are accredited by the AOCSN using these workbooks as their teaching material. If you are interested to get accreditation for your CS nursing education organization using these courses and system of teaching, you may contact me.

I can help with getting the appropriate material for accreditation at hand.

Being workbooks the courses contain foremost questions which are being put before the learner. The part with the answers gives hints, examples, shows different possibilities but what it does not do is put up new standards, nor present fixed answers as facts. The students input is required, no, even more. The individual input builds a big part of the courses.


The teaching method used is laid down in the course “Inspired teaching/learning”

The childlike, investigating spirit is tackled in the learner! It is the method many prominent teachers used and is called after it`s father Socrates the Socratic method. Well, it is not only the method he used, it is also the faith in the ability of each and everyone to find out the answers for oneself which characterizes this teaching attitude. It is this faith in universal intelligence in everyone which characterized Socrates` philosophy….. It is exactly what these courses work with….. It is the attitude of “teacher towards student”, from CS nurse towards the “patient”,…. the expectation of Good,…. the assurance that God cares for man( instead of man for man),…. the assisting hand for helping oneself.




M.B. Eddy the discoverer and founder of Christian Science writes in Science and Health with key to the Scriptures:” The time for thinkers has come”. It is not the time for copying of things, nor the learning by heart time which is asked of us but the time to think for oneself, the time to investigate, the time to ponder things. Thanks goodness we are not in the nodding business!!!


What do the courses consist of? Questions and Answers.

The answers are at present mostly from myself. I have started including answers from other CS nurses who lovingly allowed me to add them . That shows even better, that there are a variety of possible answers, multitudinous ideas brought out in different ways. There is one God with His universal expression in multitudinous, individual “beams of living Love.”M.B.Eddy Hymn p.23

My answers do not give the one and only way to do things, nor do I require to act accordingly. Everything I am writing about sprang from my individual experiences in my CS nursing career over the years. Everything I am writing about is my deepest, heartfelt understanding of what CS nursing constitutes but it is not a new standard for CS nursing! The courses are very much linked to my way in CS nursing. The examples in the answers I am giving are out of my CS nursing practise which is more than 30 years by now. I started out as a very eager “nodder”, a never tiring double shift worker, an ever active doer…. I changed with my growing understanding of what CS nursing really means, chiselled my special expression of it , moulded it and allowed it to be moulded by the One Mind. This was my learning process which did not stop with Journal listing . It has been going on far beyond working for 30 years for Christian Science and believe me this learning development does not stop, ever! I sacrificed my university studies to start CS nursing, I gave up the desire to have a husband (because I erroneously believed when I started CS nursing that I had to be something like a CS nun!), I left my kids with my husband when I had hardly veined them to mentor CS nursing students away from home, I jumped into creating my own business (CS nursing in my own family home) without any knowledge of economics. But I had the best economist on my side! I did ask God for advice in the smallest of things… including practical money decisions. “Loss is gain”, M.B. Eddy . I never regretted any of those “sacrifices”. Those things might look like sacrifices to mortal eyes, but in “His eyes” they are blessings for everyone involved including myself.


How much time do I need to plan for working through the courses?

If you are working in a self-study manner take all the time you need.

When I have given the courses for a group of people I planned course I and II for two weeks each. Course three I needed one week. Course four 4 days. You can alter the amount of days concerning to the needs of the learners.


If you are a Christian Science Journal listed nurse already and you wish to make use of this material to help s.o. on their way in CS nursing, please look at the course “The joy of inspired teaching/ learning” which is course four. It will help you value this wonderful learning/teaching tool and make you an unobtrusive assisting friend, a mentor from the heart. Also it will arouse your eagerness to investigate into CS nursing yourself instead of just using the “old barrels for the new vine”. It requires a willingness to let go of the old and reach out for the new. This is meant by “working with inspiration.” Don`t be afraid of letting go of the old… “Loss is gain”.


When you teach a non English speaking person you may translate the pages as need be but I wish the original version to be kept on the opposite side of the page (just as Eddy did require for Sc+H). This will help to keep the original meaning clearer. I wrote most of the material in English although it is not my native language.

If you are a native English speaker and you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. The courses, as well as the translations, are not fixed nor chiselled in stone, no absolute. They will develop, transform as the needs change.

Should you need a translation into German, French, or Portuguese please contact me… I have most of the material translated into these languages.


Do you want to work with a mentor?

If you do not want to do the courses in a self-study way and you like to do it with a mentor ask any CS Journal listed nurse of your choice to help you with it. Or after having finished one course in a self- learning way you can contact a Journal listed CS nurse to mentor you with practical work, or contact a CS nursing facility to do practical work with a mentor there. Feel free to contact me if you feel led to. I do know many CS nurses in four different continents who have worked with these courses already. They are very willing to work with a student either with the theoretical part only or inclusive the mentoring part. There might be one CS nurse close to where you live. Or we could find an independent CS nurse who is able to travel or both of you meet at a CS nursing facility. God has so many willing workers!


 How do I get access to the courses?

If you are interested in the course material please contact me:


I will then send you a password to get access to the material.


Is there a charge for using the courses?

If you are a CS nursing organisation and you like to teach with the courses and the teaching method described in course IV, I would suggest a royalty to be paid of 150 US dollars for each student, each course.

If you are a self employed CS nurse who likes to teach with it, 100 US dollars would be much appreciated. Should finding funds for it look difficult, spend your value time rather to teach. God will supply an opportunity for you to compensate me later.

If you are a Christian Scientist who is just starting with CS nursing and you like to work with the courses yourself in a self-learning way, please do so. Just start your good work. Later when you work as a CS nurse there will be an opportunity for compensation.

If any one likes to use parts of the courses, special subjects for refresher workshops, please just compensate appropriately to the amount of the material you are using.

Being a Director of CS nurses or a director of a CS nursing school you might like to teach your staff the “Joy of inspired teaching/learning” course. I find it very inspiring. It is food for thought.

Pay Pall   Kontodaten?

Do I need to report when and where I am teaching?

Since this website is not a CS nursing school I do not need to keep any records. I do not need to know when or where or who is taught by whom with this material.

But if you like to contact me you are very welcome!

Also if there is anything I can help you with I am glad to be contacted.

Email address


You will change as you work with the thought provoking questions. You might encounter storms or fights with personal self (like Jacob at the Furth of Jabbok ) but you will unfold your wings and rise above the “ashes of dissolving self” as Eddy points out.

Let`s rejoice in a free, inquisitive spirit, a listening ear to the One Mind! Take our Father, Mother, God`s hand and let you be guided by him. …. My compassion and love accompany you on your way. Joyous enfoldment!

Yours Gisela Kitchingman





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