Biography of Gisela Kitchingman

Parents: I chose Ruth and Werner Schüler as my parents here on Earth who raised me in Christian Science.

Sunday School: I went to Sunday school for 20 years, became a member of the Mother Church , First Church of Christ, Scientists in Boston MA in 1969

CS nursing: my interest in caring for others has always been

My first CS nursing baby case was a wild baby rabbit,

which I raised for 4 years before giving him back to

the wild ( I was 12 years old at the time )

  • I took a CS nurses home aid course in 1979 in Berlin
  • My nurses aid training was started in 1982 in London, Hawthorne House
  • in 1983 my formal CS nurses training (as it was called at the time) was started
  • I graduated from Hawthorne House CS nurses training and got CS Journal listed in 1985
  • 1985 Teacher for a nurses aid class
  • 1985 Visiting nurse for Frankfurt, Germany
  • 1989 worked at Haus Lindenfels , Germany as Nurses aid trainer for first CS nurses students in Germany, mentor, assistant director of nursing, director of nursing,
  • 1991 started our mini CS nursing home in North Germany which I am still running
  • 1991 autumn started my own CS nurses education program and I have been doing so since then, teaching + mentoring other Christian Scientists
  • 2005 “Inspired CS nursing” education program is used by Lindenfels
  • 2007 “Inspired CS nursing” education is adopted by Le Verger , Switzerland and brought to Brazil, USA and several African countries
  • 2015 two CS nursing facilities get accredited with “Inspired CS nursing” program and education method
  • 2015 “Inspired Christian Science nursing “ goes online and thus out into the whole world