I would like to say “thank you” to a few friends who made this website possible.

First of all: my husband Pete.

His dedication to CS nursing is outstanding. He built our CS nursing home practically on his own. He replaced me with all tasks involved when I was away on CS nursing calls or educating CS nurses. We worked hand in hand running the business, nursing, supporting, caring for the house and all members of the extended family. The courses live by the experiences we lived through each day over decades.

Without Pete, Villa Kitchingman would not have been possible neither my involvement in CS nursing education.

My children Anja, Mark and Britta.

They have been ever so patient with our extended family members, being “their grandchildren”.

– They shared their Mummy and Daddy with many others, sometimes even on holidays.

– They embodied the “family” atmosphere and thus played such an important part in it.

– They did not complain, letting me work with many CS nursing students.

Ute Keller

Ute was the first one to agree to place her answers wherever appropriate in the courses. When we were nursing together she was always an inspiration to me. She has encouraged me in many ways.

Le Verger

Le Verger prompted me to write course IV “The Joy of inspired teaching/learning”, which brings out my teaching attitude and method of conveying CS nursing. Also they pushed me indirectly to put the courses online, thus making room for worldwide accessibility.

Marius Kitchingman, my son in law who is very patiently managing this website.

Ita Duclair who is the artist of the drawings.

Last but not least many other CS nursing or CS Practitioner friends who all play their part to support me by encouragement or simply by talking things through.

“All things work together for good, to those who love the Lord”   (Romans 8:28)